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VRBO on the Big Island Hawaii, what is that you might ask? VRBO stands for vacation rental by owner, many of you in the vacation rental circles will be familiar with this terminology, many will not. Vacation Rentals By Owner is a network of private home-owners who have chosen to provide their home as a vacation rental. It is their desire to match their availability with your vacation.
In the last two years I have availed myself of this resource, since I have been visiting the Big Island of Hawaii and in particular the Puna District. My purpose beyond vacation, was to spend time researching specific subdivisions for the future home for my wife and I.

So Why VRBO vs a hotel?

There are several advantages I have found with using VRBO. 1st and foremost, I can stay in a location that is far more specific. Question? Can you stay in a hotel in the Leilani subdivision? How about Pahoa itself? In the smaller towns of Puna how many choices do you have for the those hotels? With a vacation rental by owner you have many options to choose from. The thing that I liked best was that I could choose a place in the very specific subdivision I might be interested in purchasing from. Sometimes the very same street! Below is a current view of the available vacation rentals on the big island of Hawaii. This next pic is the area to the right of the picture around Pahoa, but zoomed in so you can see more homes in a smaller area. Now you can see an the expanded availability of homes in specific sub-divisions. This really is a key point for me that makes it so perfect.

Ratings and Reviews

So what if you are like wait, someones home? What if its weird, what if its dirty, What if its small or ugly? I am sure you can think of many things that would cause you concern when you are contemplating a VRBO vs a Hotel. That is one of things that I love about VRBO. You have all the access to the reviews and ratings. Check this one out. Just one of the many I currently see.

I clipped this so you could see for yourself. If you click the link it will take you to the VRBO site you can read all 51 reviews for this particular home. Every comment from the negative to the positive. In fact, I usually read the negative ones, since I assume the person who wrote that review is very focused on the details of that visit. I find the negative posts often contain greater details. I really want to know what that person had trouble with, so that I can then evaluate for myself if that will be a problem for me as well.

Want to save money?

Its been my experience that It saves me a good deal of money to go with a VRBO, especially when it will be a longer stay then just a couple of nights. This is kind of anecdotal so I’ll let you do your own research, but every time I have gone, I have done a price comparison between a typical hotel and various comparable homes, and each time the comparable home comes in significantly less expensive. I have not been disappointed yet. I also like the flexibility of choices when it comes to pricing. Its such a wide range of pricing. Just check the map above, $47 to $250 per night. Plus you can see what you are spending your money on, before you decide.

Privacy, and space for your elbows

You ever feel like you can’t escape? It starts out as pretty minor feeling, you get annoyed about something, and you just want s minute to regroup. So you decide to leave the situation. Perhaps go to another room, or go outside, maybe your a smoker and you take a smoke break. But wait, you walk out to your anticipated relief, to find a person or persons you don’t really care for and you are like noooo!!!!. So you immediately decide to redirect, and to go to your back up smoke locale, only guess what…. there again another personality you just don’t want to deal with. That is how I feel at a hotel.

You are on vacation you are seeking relief from the strain of work or a home situation or whatever, and you book yourself into a hotel only to discover there is a conference in town…. that week… are you kidding me right now!? I just spent how much money to find the pool overflowing with people, and the restaurants full, etc.

This is definitely one of the things I love about VRBO. You set the stage for how private or communal you desire. The key to Vacation Rentals By Owner flexibility in my opinion. Flexible price, flexible location, flexible privacy, flexible features..

The Big Island of Hawaii is one of the best spots for VRBO in my opinion because of the wide variety of possibilities. Resort style homes, to a small private cottage. Can it get any better then that?

What do you think?

I hope you have found this post thought-provoking and helpful. I chose this topic to share, because it really has worked out well for me personally, and I wanted to share my experience with others. Please do take the time to share your thoughts or experiences in the comment section directly below.

It is super helpful when I hear back from you all. I have adjusted many of my posts and answered many questions over the years based on the feedback of visitors to my websites. Just like the ratings on VRBO I depend on comments below to help me make adjustments to this site. Again my goal is to be as helpful to you as possible.

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  1. Hi Vic – Your website is starting out OK, images are nice, but your site has some MAJOR issues. I find the following problems:

    1. Each page is stuck and does not scroll down or up.

    2. I had to look for your HORIZONTAL MENU up at the top. FONT is not highlighted in a different color , just blends into the background of each page, so does not show up at all UNTIL mouse touches a word.
    CHANGE CSS code.

    3 If I use the Site SEARCH to try and find something on your site, your website looks and works beautifully!
    BUT . . .

    4. The links under the SEARCH = RECENT POSTS Menu, I end up on blocked pages / posts that DO NOT scroll down or up.

    I hope this helps
    Monique Rene

    1. Hi Monique, I really appreciate the input. I will work on this asap. I think it might be a theme problem, but not sure, still working through the bugs of an initial website build.

    2. I have so far not been able to duplicate your findings. I tried both on my phone and on a PC. What browser were using.. mobile or desktop?

  2. I always wanted to go to Hawaii but I hear it’s very expensive to stay. Your VRBOs here seem reasonable. Maybe the big island is less expensive than Oahu. I live in a coastal community and there are VRBOs here as well. I don’t think I would have a problem staying in one in place of a hotel. Maybe someday. Thanks for the article!

    1. Hey Kevin, good to hear from you! The Big Island is definitely less expensive than Oahu. I have definitely used and even prefer using VRBO over a typical Hotel/Motel.

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