About Me, About You

Welcome to what I hope will be a growing resource for people like me and people like you. Anyone who either wants to visit the Big Island, or move to the Big Island, and in particular what I call the west side, or the green side, (Puna District)

Who Am I?

About Me, About You


<—– That’s me





I’ll skip the esoteric here, and move to the mundane. I am an average, middle-aged guy, (I think that’s a song), who is moving to where my heart has lived since I was 19 years old. I spent 2 weeks in the Philippines while I was in the air national guard, for a training exercise. Hawaii was the first stop out of 4 on the way. Our team stayed on the Island for about 17 hours, all of which I spent on the beach. I fell in love with the tropical feel of the islands that night and always yearned to return and live there.

Since that trip I have done the typical things, got married, settled into a job, raised kids. 5 altogether.. kids that as is.

Now I am remarried to a woman from Hawaii and together we are pursuing the dream of living in Hawaii.

Why this website?

In my journey to follow the dream of living in a tropical locale, and in Hawaii in particular, I have discovered many resources, items of interest, and generally helpful tips. I feel compelled to share them all with you in order for you to have an easier experience than I did. When this site is up and fully populated you will see everything from personal experiences, to various services listed with complete reviews. Reviews from myself and others, and hopefully even some from you. I believe that the people who experiences both good and bad should be able to share those with the rest of us. The end result should fairly closely reflect what most people will experience.

Of course this isn’t just about various services and the reviews, this site is about sharing information that will help the people of Puna get accurate and timely feedback on all things Puna! I’m pretty new at putting something together like this so please do comment below on anything you like, or don’t like, or something you’re trying to find but haven’t yet. I am very responsive.

I really want to help people find what they need!

My goal is to share with you, everything between the dream and the reality. The resources, the people, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

This will be an on-going and collaborative effort. I will be posting regularly on a wide range of topics. As the site develops you will start seeing various services show up with at least 1 review and many with a growing number of reviews. The goal is for people who use the service to be able to comment about their individual experience.

I’m very interested in hearing from you, so just like all my posts, please comment below and share what you know, think or have heard.
All the best, Vic